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Custom stamps hardcover book printing

Book Printing Custom stamps hardcover book printing


It includes case and hardcover.
Cover: 1800g Holland grey board backed up by 157g special paper;4C+0C;4P
Size:  9.5 inch*11.3inch   24.1 cm*28.8 cm
Technic: Laser gloss lamination om the surface. The words are blocking and embossing. The cover envelopes the whole book, the grey board envelope the open place is about 3cm(1.2 inch), and two contact magnet are sticked in the middle of enveloping board.
Text:  Three board backed up each other, the top and down is 350g grey board, the middle is 700g grey board;4C+4C;28P
Size:   8.3inch*11.2inch        21cm*28.5cm
Technic: Gloss oil on two sides and crempled, 105mm*70mm (4.1 inch*2.75 inch) transparent PVC is sticked in the middle to put stamps with gold on the edge 3 sides.
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